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"That Smell," an essay by Lucia Perillo

March 20, 2013

In celebration of Lucia Perillo's 2013 Pacific Northwest Book Award, NW Book Lovers shares her essay "That Smell."

 Here is a quick taste:


It’s unlikely that I ever visited a bookstore as a kid. My parents were too molded by that great trauma of their youths, the depression, to buy four children’s- worth of books. Especially not when we had a perfectly good public library.

Though I will get around to bookstores, I want to talk first about this library because of the sensual beauty of it. Set in an old building on top of the police station, you accessed it by climbing almost a full flight of stone steps, which there were wide stone banisters on both sides of, wide enough for a child to sit on, though the stone was not slippery. You had to use your feet to creep downhill.

All the details flood me now, with such clarity! More steps inside the building, turn right you could pay the bill for your garbage pick-up or your property tax, turn left and you stepped into the library with its creaky wooden floor.

The complete essay is available on the NW Book Lovers site.

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